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What we do...

unlock doors & invite your customers to do life with you

media placement

how do you know that your television or radio schedule is getting reaching your target audience enough to make a real impact? are you certain you're not investing too much?


fbg marketing has the experience & expertise to get your story in the best programming to talk to your customers. and the negoitiating leverage to offer our clients incredible rates so you get more for your advertising dollars.

social media copywriting
and management

with over 120 million active US Facebooks users online each day plus the over 52 million Twitter users, not to mention the over 40 million active Pinterst fanatics, how do you use this platform to create more revenue?!


the first step: stop selling and start serving, create a community!! but this takes a daily commitment of time & developing amazing content...we can write & manage & develop all your social platforms.

marketing campaign strategy

is your marketing message clear & consistent? do you purchase advertising strategically? want more time to run your business instead of working on your marketing campaign all week?


you are the expert in your industry, so why not partner with an agency that can bring their marketing, creative & adverting talents to the table & design a cohesive campaign that gets customers talking and using your services & products?

digital & email marketing
logo, jingle & website development
brand development & management

you've just booked a weekend away at that incredible bed & breakfast on their website. now you're seeing their amazing ads everywhere you go online...or maybe you just go engaged & posted your news on FB and as you click around you are see ads for dresses, rings, honeymoons & more!


these digital display ads are powerful & is a perfect way to tell your story to customers that are specifically targeted...


and then take advantage of the opportunity to talk on a personal level with your customers in emails each week...send them a click to your latest blog post, fun how-to tips or DIY projects, latest news in your industry or exclusive offers.


don't have time to plan, write and execute these powerful, personal marketing messages each week? could fbg marketing partner with you to accommplish this?

when you dip your toe into the advertising waters where's the best place to begin? we hear this question every week...fbg's answer: logo, jingle, website!!


let's begin with a bold logo that will be the icon that we is the opening line in your unique business story!! we use YOUR logo on everything from business cards to in-store signage, social media, tv, online & more!!


if you were asked to hum the Nationwide Insurance or O'Reilly Auto Parts jingle, we bet you could...that melody & message has been imprinted in your mind and it accompanies all that they do! imagine the impact that could have for your business!


and then let's design a responsive & eye-catching website that's easy to nagivate, informs but answers the important questions to the issues your potential customers have.

what is a "brand" really mean?  it's everything! it's your STORY...are you telling it well?


let's get focused and develop a clear brand message that is connecting with the niche audience that you want to influence & do life with.  let's focus on the needs of your customers & define why your brand, why your business is the difference, the solution.


your brand is NOT the logo, the jingle, the tagline or some symbol but it is your identy, your promise to the customer, it's the's your story, can we help you tell it?

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