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a heart to serve
advertising * marketing
public relations
tell your story

get people talking about you


Your business is incredible and unique! Don't sell yourself short, you have so much to offer, but you might feel like you're hitting wall because consumers are truly tired of being SOLD.


But here-in lies opportunity!!


What if you could get your targeted audience to talk about you and engage with you without always pushing to "make the sale?"



it's more than just putting a spot on TV and radio, let us design a comprehensive strategy that develops your brand, build awareness and creates revenue!

Flooded by Grace is an advertising agency with a heart to serve YOU and help you cultivate that servant heart when marketing to you audience...interested in creating life-long relationships that will bless your business? Let's talk!!


don't just be "another" commercial or ad people skim over...become a valuable resource and watch the difference it makes!

create a relationship with your customers...

what is your vision for your business? 

dream for the BIG time!!

Flooded by Grace Marketing, Adverstising & Public Relations can give you the freedom to do what you love--

run your business and achieve your dreams...

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